About us

Four Horsemen is a label born out of austere inspirations. It reflects the renewal of the current surge of creative decadence & widespread superfluous elements and seeks to put the focus back on the material and craftsmanship which has been long deprived off appreciation amid the limelight that the extravagant elements gather.

We at Four Horsemen insist on using real material with best properties in accordance to each design. And durability is one key factor while deciding the same, be it the leather, canvas or lining & trims.

Manufacturing is handled by a team of artisans who use a mix of traditional know-how and modern techniques to give shape to our sketches. Our ‘Made to Order’ services are a specimen of the vast experience the team boasts off; pulling off a custom order in one go is a remarkable feat which these guys do on a daily basis with admirable savoir faire.



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